Congratutations to all the winners in the Curated Art Hall. Art is available to view and expressions of interest are invited to purchase (see view and reserve art).

Abstract – Winner

SK Bansal- ‘I Colour Outside the Lines’

The judges were impressed with the colour treatment of this piece, which showed real skill in achieving depth and flow within a limited palette and limiting canvas (a bee brood). The theme of migration as explained in the description of the work gave the judges an added layer of contemplation, which kept them coming back for another look.

Painting & Drawing – Winner

Agnieszka Kaminska- ‘Folk Garden’

For the judges there was no denying the joyful impact of this piece, bold and vivid as a whole, yet revealing sensitive details that exude vitality- colour punching out from the dense dark void of the background. A real shot in the arm for the viewer seeking a sense of renewed optimism, and the warm embrace of the folk art tradition.

Mixed Media – Winner

Zaza Lewis- ‘Union Yard Arches’

The soft, flattering lights and intimate shadowy spots in this piece make an invitation almost irresistible to the viewer- to feel the warm evening air and the cool stone cobble underfoot as you imagine finding a table to spend a few hours in this intriguing social space. The medium of cut card and fabric collage is executed expertly, and adds richness to the overall evocative experience of the work.

Mixed Media – Commended

Caroline Moraes- ‘Luminescent Geometry’

The judges were struck by the beautifully executed balance of tone, texture, colour and translucence in this abstract composition in glass. Backlit by the sun, the piece exudes a calm, assured optimism all of its own. The artist has made all this look effortless, an impression which clearly takes a lot of skill to achieve.

Abstract – Commended

Alec Sedgley- ‘Gyre’

The kinetic method used to produce this piece leaps off the canvas, drawing the eye to the colours, shapes and forces that we see in nature and to the joy and tactility of using paint to capture them. This is a painting that must be seen in the flesh to fully enjoy- to see the main circle motif hover in front of the background as if painted in mid air.

Painting & Drawing – Commended

James Stacey- ‘Resilience’

The judges were charmed to see a painting in the long tradition of self portraits being executed with such poise and restraint by an artist so young. The artist has captured real depth of emotion in the eyes and overall expression- conveying worry and isolation but also a confidence and steadfastness that honours the painting’s title ‘Resilience’. The judges wish this young artist all the best for his promising future.

Curated Section Judges:-

Nicola Winstanley / Creative Lives UK (formerley Voluntary Arts UK) England Development Officer (West Midlands)

Anthony Turpin, Chairman / Bromsgrove Art Society

THE PEOPLES VOTE was awarded to James Stacey for Resilence, we wish to congratuted him and wish him well as he starts his Degree Course in Fine Art in September.