Art & Craft Stall Holders

The  21 Show is fully booked over 45 stall holders & impromtu pop up performances including live demonstrations and many opportunites to get involved, over the 3 days. The Childrens Fun Farm activity stall will keep little ones amused.

In the Curated Art section there are a further 40 artists who applied to have their work displayed in Georgia Kinsella’s – I Colour Outside The Lines’ exhibition – a celebration of Midlands based Artists. The online curated gallery can be seen under the View & Reserve Art tab.

We will be Officially Opened by Joanna Slade the Bailliff of the Court Leet at Friday 12.30 – but come down as we open at 10.00 to get the full joy of the proceedings. The Town Crier is sure to make a lot of noise!

See you this Friday 9th or anytime to suit you over the weekend, in Creative Bromsgrove, very exciting – thanks for checking us out, see you very soon!

Eric Watson Wildlife Artist

Eric has been painting since 1985 and in that time has created hundreds of pieces.

Eric has an incredible store of information which has been gathered through experience and research to understand the true reality of all his subjects, habits, genetics and their habitats as well as the environment that surrounds them. All of which contribute to give his paintings their own individual story and gradually fulfil his ideal of giving his subjects an essence and spirit.

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Arden Potters

A group of 4 keen amateur potters who meet weekly to expand their ceramic skills.
The members all bring different talents to the group:
Chris – A seasoned campaigner who is very artistic, produces fantastic designs and able to make anything in clay.
Alison – Talented potter with very original ideas bringing experience from her time in Australia – great wheel worker too!
Brian – The precision engineer of the group who always needs to work precisely and accurately – porcelain is his preferred media
Fraser – Still learning and gains lots of useful hints and tips from the rest of the group. Enjoys handbuilding and slipcasting

Heidi Dodkins Art

Unique British designer wear, holiday shop and accessories

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Sally's Knits

A lifelong knitter who has produced many knitted toys and jumpers for family members and used knitting as a great release between her singing commitments.

Sally learnt her craft from her mother and subsequently developed this skill when training to be a teacher.

Now retired, Sally enjoys sewing, knitting and gardening and has launched herself into this new charitable project in order to provide a valuable contribution to the supported charities.

Georgia Kinsella

A Midlands-based emerging curator and artist, and recent graduate from De Montfort University, specialising in paint and installation.

I take inspiration from the shapes and colours I see around me in order to create immersive works that completely envelope the senses. I am interested in the properties of materials and the fluidity of paint; my desire is to completely indulge the senses therefore I experiment with various painterly techniques and surfaces to encourage the viewer to feel whilst investigating colour to appeal to the viewers emotions. My practice and curatorial work are heavily concerned with making art accessible to all, to break down the stereotypes that the art world is only there for the people who have studied it or understand it.

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Jules Chabeaux, Wildlife Artist

Jules Chabeaux is an intuitive wildlife artist based in the Derbyshire Dales, UK. Jules was instinctively drawn to draw, paint and help protect animals. She even threw away her top Art grade, refusing to include abstracts, proudly exhibiting her portfolio of animal art. At 16 she earned her first paid art commission.

Always passionate about animals, Jules is also an experienced animal communicator (heart based intuitive communication) and Usui Reiki animal healer and brings these amazing skills into the heart of her artistic process. Inspired by artists like Robert Fuller and Gordon Beningfield, she lives in a rural setting surrounded by animals and nature and loves rising at dawn. Following her spiritual practice, she eagerly gets out into nature, before heading to her art studio to continue working with the animals, through her art.


Jules Chabeaux

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NSPCC Supporters Stand

Collection of craft and home useables - with fun, games and activities.
Including name the teddy and some exctiting new secret games!

Children engaging & amusing.

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Frances Daunt, Artist, Map Art & Award-winning Felted Artwork

For her map art Frances paints birds and animals on vintage maps. The animal featured is always one that has a link to the area adding an unusual and interesting twist to her artwork. Of course these can also be commissioned to an area and animal relevant to the client – favourite dog walks or holiday destinations are always popular choices. Photo courtesy of Valerie Dalling

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Paul Jenkins, Sculptures

Paul’s Inspirations come from his love of nature especially animals. Many of his pieces are inspired from direct observations of wild animals in their natural habitat.
Every sculpture is unique, it being impossible to produce two which are identical,
all sculpture large or small take approximately 3 weeks to make. Each one is hand crafted from a unique formulated clay and fired three times

Clay is environmentally friendly being a natural product and fully biodegradable even after firing to form ceramic, the whole process has a very low carbon footprint.
Waste wood shavings are used from well-maintained sustained forests, this is for the Raku firing the crazing is actually captured carbon in the sculpture.


Email [email protected]


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Hilary Parle, Ceramics, Textiles, Silversmith, Mixed techniques

Her artistic life began as a child in her parents’ garden, with access to a lake which had been previously used as a clay pit. She dug down in the flower beds to find a rich terracotta clay. It was from this time that she was inspired to work with clay.
Life intervened and she had a family and medical career. Her study of anatomy and her constant examination of the human form strongly influences her figurative sculpture.
The Midland Arts Centre provided her with a sound education in many artistic skills. She has studied figurative sculpture, textiles, ceramics (including raku and naked raku), silversmithing and willow weaving. She is a proficient thrower and admires Bernard Leach, the king of studio ceramics who also influences her work greatly.
The key to her artistic practice is to produce work which involves original thought and conveys this to the viewer. She uses whatever material she needs in order to do this. This may involve mixing ceramics with textiles, the use of a Gelli plate with ceramics, or the use of silver in images.
Her work has appeared in the RBSA and in the Ort gallery.

James Mackintosh, Abstract Artist

James has taken up painting since his retirement.

James generally uses Acrylics, Emulsions or a mixture and paints on unframed stretched canvas or laminate tile. Some of his paintings include a mix of string, pellets and other 3D effects.”

Kingcot Gallery, Fused Glass

I love colour, the bolder, the brighter, the better. Glass is all about colour, made to be displayed in sunlight, made to be played with, yes I appreciate that you were always told never to play with glass and to be careful when around it but in the right environment it’s a fabulous, tactile material. I’ve been playing with glass for about 10 years now and holding workshops for around half that time. It’s always satisfying to have a group of complete beginners turn up in the morning all saying the same thing – I’m not artistic! – and releasing them into the wild 3 hours later, hearing them exclaiming – well I never knew I could do that!
With glass art there are so many techniques that can be incorporated into achieving your picture, cutting into coloured glass sheets and layering it, screen printing, powder printing, colouring with frit (small chunks of glass) to name a few. Then there’s casting and embossing which uses clay modelling techniques, the possibilities are endless. As are the items that you can make, wall art, garden art, functional pieces, jewellery as well as windows.
In the main I concentrate on fused glass but when I want to challenge myself I take on copper foiling and leadwork and I do workshops in all three disciplines. The one area that I have seen a rise in is art therapy. I’ve been fortunate enough to do workshops at a local hospice and the calming nature of concentrating on a new skill or project is the overwhelming feedback from these sessions. I’ve also taken glass workshops to village art groups and WI’s which have been hugely entertaining – for both sides!

Kingcot Gallery
@allfiredupuk · Art gallery

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Avon Flow Art

I began my career as a textile designer, specialising in knitwear design. I soon moved into education, teaching art and textile design in FE colleges for many years before progressing into management roles. More recently I have been working with fluid art techniques, producing homeware and prints as well as original artwork and hand painted jewellery. I create both floral and abstract pieces using experimental techniques to produce random, yet controlled mixes of colour and design.Website:
Social Media:

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Lotte Tophill Art, Printmaker & Illustrator

Hand Printed Art and Textiles for the home, designed and created in Coventry, City of Culture.

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Chris Bell Pottery, Ceramicist & Potter

Chris Bell is a resident potter at the Jinney Ring Craft center in Hanbury, nr Bromsgrove.

I have been making pottery for about 30 years and enjoy making a variety of items including stoneware animals such as goats and horses, as well as Raku fired pieces and porcelain tealight holders.
I also enjoy making personalised slab built planters and thrown pots for weddings and anniversaries. Many of these tend to be dry-glazed and often have embedded patterns or plant material to create tactile surfaces.

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Bohemian Chameleon

Art, revamping, crafts, re-purposing. Home deco created using recycled, upcycled, repurposed materials

Bohemian Chameleon

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Charlotte Hubble

Charlotte ‘creates mixed media pieces, prints and works in a range of mediums.

"I think art should be more inclusive than just paintings of landscapes and I believe the art that people are wanting to buy/own in present times is evolving to be more exciting and unconventional"

Instagram @ artbycharl

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Kathryn Sawbridge, Multi-disciplinary artist

Her work explores various landscapes and scenes, stripping them back to their basic colour palettes without the details of a realistic image. Her pieces aim to encourage the viewer to look beyond the details and explore their environment on a deeper level, without the everyday distractions.

Instagram: Kate3s

Lappelli - Connect, Craft, Create

Lappelli Enamel Studio is based in the village of Blackwell in Worcestershire. At Lappelli, Teresa runs (along with her guest tutors) a variety of craft workshops including enamelling, fused glass, jewellery making, beading, printmaking and needle felting. Our craft classes give you the chance to try a new craft without having the hassle of buying all the equipment! Teresa also creates a variety of enamel gifts including jewellery, bowls and pictures; with her work in galleries and gift shops across the country and worldwide web.

Theresa will be offering opportunities for a hands-on Taster Enamelling session at the Show.

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Painting Perfect

Painting Perfect provides a unique way for people of all ages with a new way to go out, have fun, and feel good. It’s everything a great night should be, friends,drinks,laughter and you get to create and go home with your own wonderful painting.

All you need is the desire to make wonderful things
happen on a canvas.
Using our techniques you will create masterpieces that you never believed possible.

John Morrissey is providing a unique demo - a complete painting in Acrylic, in 5 minutes. Repeated throughout the day, be sure not to miss him!

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Squiglet and BooBoo

Handmade items made especially for you. Items can be personalised or even designed in conjunction with you to ensure a totally bespoke piece. I like to stay inspired by using different crafts to create different items.

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DMP Art Creative

DMPArt Creative is my artistic space. Born out of lockdown, when after spending 20+ years working in corporate banking I embraced & re-engaged with the right side of my brain and let my creative juices start flowing.

I work in a range of mediums and was initially intrigued and fascinated with experimenting in acrylic fluid art. Alongside this I have fallen back in love with pen & watercolour projects in particular architecture resulting in a number of private house portrait & front door portrait commissions.

Inspiration for my work comes from random directions and I have loved creating a range of animal images entitled “Little Jungles” which comprises a baby elephant, sloth, giraffe and orangutan that are the perfect addition to safari themed nurseries and kids bedrooms

I can’t wait to showcase my work and at the same time support such worthy local charities. Examples of my creations can be viewed/followed at:

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Lorraine Wright, Unique & Unusual Mixed Media

A local artist working in mixed media to create a unique and original range of artwork including paintings, pendants, key fobs, pottery and cards.
Demonstrations on the stand with classes available to book for dates from mid July 2021
An experienced college teacher and now a personal tutor for all aspects of Art ‘A Level’ and ‘GCSE’. Currently taking on students for 2021/2022
Please come and visit the stand to say hello
e-mail [email protected]

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Steve Woodhams Art

I am a self-taught artist from the Black Country. One day, from nowhere, I decided that I wanted to begin producing cubist art, or at least my take on cubist art! I quickly developed my own style which, I am very pleased to say, has proved incredibly popular.
I use a variety of mediums and am always happy to experiment with something new. My art might look complicated and meticulously planned. However, in reality the opposite is true. I try not to dwell or over-think the process, or what I am about to do next. Instead, preferring to let the work flow and let the brush, pen or pencil ‘do it’s thing’. Hopefully then, when viewing my work, it allows the eye to travel across the canvas comfortably and with a degree of logical ease.

I guess my art style is 'of our time', and often, but not always, reflects the day-to-day issues that we are all currently facing. "

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Two Sheds Studios

Twoshedstudios is Jen and Chris, based in Staffordshire, making art in their two garden shed studios.

Both are very much inspired by a love of nature and the outdoors.

Jen is usually found in Shed One painting, mainly seascapes and landscapes. Her paintings are rarely specific to a location but based on memory and photographs taken while travelling or exploring.

Chris is found in Shed Two creating metal art and gifts often from recycled materials.

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Ieva Treija, Abstract Artist

For most of my life, I have attempted to create art that represented something…

I started to enjoy painting with acrylic in 2015 with brushes on touchable glass everywhere and portraits on watercolour paper.

I became fascinated with acrylic flow art in 2018, when started mixing paints together with pouring medium and achieved various cool effects from glass to canvas as a happy accident.
I found that acrylic fluid art works and design lovingly created enjoyment with creativity for interior, design, or present. There are many different techniques that can be used separately or together for actually pouring paint onto the canvas. Always is well worth checking out that it boggles my mind :)
I am influenced by everything I see, feel, think and experience by connecting colours and shapes with mind, music, passion and emotions.
All my pieces are unique, never duplicated and affordable originals. I can make custom pieces with your mind and wishes.

Facebook: Eva Artistry
Instagram: @evartistx
[email protected]

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Shweta Gupta, Happy Revelation

I am a self taught artist who is creative and has a great passion for arts.
I create Acrylic paintings, hand painted bottle lamps, Mandalas and sketches.
I keep experimenting on different mediums and techniques.
Sometimes, I also teach art to kids.

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Peter Allen, Photo Digital Art

Photo Digital Art, with a focus on our favourite city, Birmingham.

Peter Allen is from Stirchley in Birmingham where he’s lived for the past 30+ years. He initially developed the Photo Digital Art style to show off this great city in its best light, but soon realised that it can be applied to almost any situation to make it look better than it does in ‘real life’

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Rachel Alice Art

Rachel is a Birmingham based artist who creates drawings using marker pens, as well as digital art.

Rachel specialises in pet and building portrait commissions amongst many other subjects!

Rachel will be there on the day to answer any questions about booking a commission.

Her hand drawn cards and prints will be sold at the event as well as gift cards for commissions.

To see examples of Rachel’s work, head to her Instagram or Facebook page: or search RachelAliceArtUK on Etsy

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Ella Evenson, Ella Colourful Creations

I am Ella Evenson, an artist with Mosaic Down Syndrome.
My favourite style of painting is abstract. I use a variety of tools to work with and love using bright colours. I also create with alcohol inks and enjoy turning my artwork into pendants and greeting cards.

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Bromsgrove Arts Alive

Bromsgrove Arts Alive, principal aim is to support the arts in and around the Bromsgrove was established in 2006
Bromsgrove Arts Alive is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation

With 50 diverse groups and individuals as members, we represent the best in local arts.

We produce a comprehensive members directory leaflet with a regularly updated version on the web site, plus News, and an Events Diary offering comprehensive information on members current and future events.

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79 Bohemian House

Quirky designs for the home and garden.
Unconventional art. Perfect gifts for the oddball in your life.
Anything but mainstream.
Hand painted / crafted & made with love.

Amy is on a one woman mission to bring oddity & beauty to your home!

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Dikira Art

Fine art prints, printed professionally and hand finished with gold ink.

More Dikira Art information:-

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Made By Tyde

Hand made jewellery
re-up cycling old unwanted gemstones and crystals into wearable art. Sparkle up your summer wardrobe with handmade jewellery!
A student nurse who started a small shop in lockdown, turning a hobby into a small business.”Beads rings handmade jewellery necklace earrings bracelet cute custom order bright colourful on trend fashion y2K

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Rachael's Gems

Handmade jewellery using gemstones, sparkling crystals and pretty glass beads. Pendants, chokers, bracelets and earrings - something for every occasion.

Urban Garlands, Hair Accessories

Hannah will be demonstrating hair accessories and techniques including hair scrunching, making material flowers, making and embalming books and garlands.

Instagram Urbangarlands (garlandsurban in search.

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Dodford Creative Arts

A collection of works produced by members of "Dodford Art Group"

Pastels, watercolours, acrylics, oils, mixed media and some interesting studio pottery.
A plethora of subjects by talented local artists, to inspire you.

Ella's Creations

Jewellery, clay leaves, decoupage! I create affordable, quality items, and each creation is unique. I take commissions and I also keep a limited stock. My shop is

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Deborah Thomas, Handmade Cards

All cards are individually made by myself and are one offs.

I also make any card to order and can make any unique card for any occasion.

Jenny & Tracey

Hello I’m Jenny
l have been doing crafts since l started making things for the kids school, cubs, scouts and the guides and have been to various craft clubs where some lovely ladies taught me to crochet and make cards. l have taught myself to make bunting and patchwork cushions, my Mom learnt me to knit baby cardigans for the children. I always got involved in the school plays/pantos making costumes. Everything l make now goes to selling for charity as certain members of my family have passed away. This will be in memory of my brother Paul.

Hello I’m Tracey,
I have always been interested in craft but due to work commitments I could never find the time.
During lockdown I have been doing bits and pieces here and there. I am currently making little cushions & doorstops. I wouldn’t say I am an expert yet but I’m sure I will before too long with the help from my old friend & neighbour Jenny.

Under Capricorn Soap

I am a sole soapmaker, from Wychbold. All my products are handmade by myself with love and care. My designs and blends are all unique to me and all contain either whole fresh goat or sheeps milk and camel milk with naturally occurring B vitamins and proteins and enzymes, which are beneficial to the skin, and individually sourced essential oils, selected for their therapeutic and feel-good properties. Many of my products contain other natural ingredients such as whole natural honey, oatmeal, and seaweed I source local ingredients wherever possible for my products including Droitwich salt and Malvern water.
My prices are very competitive to provide great value
They are individually wrapped for hygiene in these recent times and are more environmentally friendly than shower gel in plastic bottles and my solid shampoo/conditioner bars are a great alternative to their mass-produced counterparts.
I sell at Artisan markets and Country and County shows and events and will also sell wholesale.

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Chloe's Beauty Services

I'm Chloe from Chloe's Beauty Services, qualified in Theatrical, Special Effects, Media, Hair & Makeup and currently studying my BA (Hons) Hair, Makeup & Prosthetics for Performance. I love to create and thrilled for the opportunity to spread some creativity at the Creative Arts Show. I will be available to do face painting from a variety of gruesome looks such as wounds and spooky faces but also animals and princesses. Can't wait to see you there!

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