The Creative Art Showcase was held at The Bromsgrove Hotel & Spa in July 21

It was a continental street party atmosphere – without getting on a plane with opportunity to explore new Creative Skills.

It was an inspiring and fun event, designed for the whole family to enjoy and it certainly succeeded!

Over 45 Talented Art and Crafters offered a full range of goods including British designerwear, artisan pottery, bags, jewellery and much more – original artwork was on display amazing prices!

A further 60 Artists were selected by Georgia Kinsella the Shows Graduate Curator, from de Montfort to display their art and sculptures in the Curated Halls – which was young, fresh and truly inspirational.

The Community paint held in the BirdBox in Bromsgrove Town Center was heralded by Kevin Ward, Bromsgroves Town Crier the week preceeding the Show and offered the younger generation an opportunity to create their own masterpiece, which we took on to display in the foyer at the Main Show. Rhianon Nasta a year 2 Graduate from Bromsgrove studying at Bath Uni was instrumental in organising the Community Paint which is a feature that the Showcase team plan to keep in the 22 Show.

Our Court Leet Bailiff aka Joanna Slade opened the show to much fun and acclaim and really got the party started.

Pop up performances by Milo on piano and Sid Griffin on ukulele punctuated the fun party atmosphere and was enjoyed by stall holders and the public alike.

The Show raised more than £2,500 for the Charitable causes – not too bad for a first Show, considering that the lockdown continued in place.


Creative Inpiration

Jewellery  Birmingham is renouned for its history of jewellery making – ever thought about booking yourself on a course to learn how to make jewellery?

Glass Throughout the Midlands there are many local glass blowers, workshops and designers – many  of them  also run classes.

Quilting & Knitting

Perhaps one of the most inclusive Crafts, because its just so easy to join a Group of like minded friends and learn together. At the show we will provide a demonstration of this creative skill and lots of details about where you can go to join classes to meet new people and start to learn or upgrade your exisitng skills.

Creativity is open to all.

The opportunities are endess.

Just jump in, the waters warm!