Calling all young people from Bromsgrove District.  We are so excited to be running the first Young Creators Online Art Exhibition.

What is the Young Creators Exhibition we hear you say, well, you will get the opportunity to have your art work displayed in a two week online exhibition in June 2022, which can be viewed by anyone who logs onto website.  We will be promoting the Exhibition though Midlands Media channels, TV, the Press and Social Media.

During the two weeks we have 4 independent judges who will decide on a winner for each year group.  These winners will then have the excitement of having their work displayed at the Creative Art Showcase October 2022 alongside Midlands regional artists, as well as winning a prize.

The exhibition is open to all art mediums, we want to see your creativity whether this is drawing, video, painting, pours, collage, models, pottery, digital or textiles, use your preferred style or create something mixed media and entirely new, it’s your art!

This year’s theme is ‘Our Earth Matters’.  This is a very broad subject and the more personal it ‘Matters’ to you the more compelling it is likely to be?  It could be positive how the world looks to you, nature/wildlife or negative the deforestation/plastic pollution or devastation happening around the world.  You can question how to solve the problems in your art, highlight something you are passionate about or simply see the beauty in the world around you.

Event timeline: –

  • 1st February to 30th April – Get busy creating, once finished submit your work. Closing Date midnight 30th April 2022
  • 16th-30th June 2022 – Online Exhibition, during the exhibition judges, will select the year group winners
  • October 2022 – Winner’s artwork will be displayed at the Creative Art Showcase & Sale event in Bromsgrove

Looking forward to seeing your unique Creations!

Creative Art Showcase Team

Event Details

Date February - 30th April 2022
Event Location: This is an online event. Winner’s artwork will be displayed at the Creative Art Showcase & Sale event in Bromsgrove 29th & 30th October, at the Arena & Hospitality Suite, Bromsgrove School

Submit your artwork to us

We know you will enjoy creating your special and individual artwork, we are excited to see it!

Before submitting your work, make sure you have the best picture/s showcasing your creation, remembering we will use your picture in the exhibition.

Take your time and select the best image/s, to make sure we are seeing it in the best light, not blurred, nothing else in the shot and ask for someone else to check you have the best picture.


Young Creators artwork, description and year group will be displayed on a public website; however, personal details, such as name age or school will not be shared to the general public.

All personal details will be kept with your picture in our database to ensure we can contact the correct winners; these details will be kept for no longer than one year after the October Showcase and will be deleted conforming to our GDRP policy

By submitting artwork I/we consent to: –

  • Artwork to be entered into the Young Creators Online Exhibition and a collective understanding that their work will be on a public website, none of the Young Creators personal details will be displayed alongside their artwork.
  • Artwork may be used in promotional marketing for Creative Art Showcase
  • Winners artwork to be displayed at the October 2022 event and will be showcased on the Creative Art Showcase website
  • Winners will be chosen by independent judges not affiliated to Creative Art Showcase

    - OR -