The CAST (Creative Arts Showcase Team) were introduced to Georgia (by Nicola Winstanley of Creative-Lives UK) at the very conception of the Charity in March 21. The race was already on to get a Craft Show and an Art exhibition up and running to co-inside with the opening up after lock-down in 2021, when people of all creeds and denominations would be itching to get out and about. At this stage there was no venue, no artists and no visitors!

Georgia, who graduated in 2020 from De Montfort University with a BA in Fine Art was filling in the career gap caused by the pandemic with a personal shopper role at Tesco, very worthwhile, but also full-time and a shift dependant role.

How she managed to find time to research Exhibition Walls, put out a stunning Open Call for her inspired ‘I paint between the lines’ Exhibition, which was truly ‘A Celebration of Midlands Artists’, we will probably never know!

Having trawled through literally hundreds of Artists work and visited Artist’s studios where she deemed prudent to research some of their art and sculptures Georgia finally produced the most original, young and fresh Exhibition that the Region has seen, in literally years.

With art ranging from glass, video, collage, pastels, oils – you name it:- it came to Technicolour life in front of your eyes. People visiting the show loved the involvement of the People’s Choice and chose James Stacey’s self-portrait Resilience as their favourite.

Georgia – “I just wanted to say:

Being part of the CAST team and Lead Curator of the artist exhibition has given me an immense amount of experience in project management and working within the creative community. It was great to be part of a team working towards helping charities by encouraging all to tap into their creative side and to be able to organise an exhibition to give Midlands’s artists the platform to exhibit their work after lockdown. Thank you so much for the opportunity and good luck for future plans!”

Thank you for the opportunity 😊

Georgia is now super busy with her own Curating business whilst also working at the Pipeline Gallery and is a productive abstract artist in her own right.

Georgia ethos is inspirational, accessible art for all communities. Creative Art Showcase will continue to work to make art and creativity accessible to all members of our communities.

From the whole team at Creative we wish you every success Georgia, we know that you will have an amazing career, your drive, determination, attention to detail and work ethic is legendary and at 22 that’s amaZING!

We are looking for our next volunteer curators, are you or someone you know would be interested in finding out more, please complete the form Contact Us form.