Introducing NaaShika Tetteh-Lartey


”I have recently graduated from The University of the Arts London studying fine art. I find my enjoyment in creation. I specialise in painting, editing videos and recording music. My main interests lie within, the creatures mythology conjures up – dragons, serpents and medusas, all very powerful forces of the female. I am drawn to their wonderful colours and shapes and connect them to ideas about the patriarchy we live in. Alongside studying I have been a part of joint  exhibitions from 2016-2022 and co-founded a  community based art project in 2019 that worked closely with charities and local artists to produce ethically made T-shirts. Currently I am having a blast sharing my ideas and pushing my creativity whilst working alongside the team to curate the exhibition for the creative art showcase that will take place in October 2022. My ultimate goal is to work in art direction. I have a passionate and driven energy when I create and cannot wait to pursue my talents further.”